D’Knock Production is a music studio owned by the Croatian renowned producer Darko Juranović D’Knock, opened in 2005 and renovated in 2017. It is primarily designed as a production studio where D’Knock creates, arranges and produces music, and performs the final production phase – mastering.



The studio has a specially designed area for vocals recording, directing and relistening. Acoustics is specifically designed by Sonitus and meets all standards of the world top production. It is fitted with the latest recording and production technologies used on the world market. As D’Knock combines analogue and digital sounds in the production, the studio is fitted with a considerable number of analogue hardware, including vintage synthesizers and a sampler. Two Dynaudio systems (master loudspeakers and subwoofer) enable high quality listening, as well as additional listening on various sound systems.

It is interesting to mention that the D’Knock Production Studio uses direct connection to the Kenwood top car system for final listening, in combination with the Kicker subwoofer and 2 amplifiers for final listening of hip hop or clubbing productions, due to their high sensitivity at lowest frequencies (e.g. subwoofer around 40 Hz).

The studio has its own sound bank – over 1000 original presets and specially designed banks, as well as most of top plug-ins for all types of production. The CUBASE 9 PRO is used for most of the production, as well as UAD powered plug-ins, with a possibility of using other DAW software applications.

Particular attention is paid to the atmosphere within each room, focusing on the RGB LED lighting (Turbo X), which creates specific, changeable atmosphere, depending on the type of music and mood. The listening room is specially designed and connected to the directing room, and equipped with a dedicated surround system and video production monitoring.

The studio is compatible with most of other studios, and closely cooperates with the following partners: URBANI ZVUK (by DJ Fresh Jay), STUDIO APOLLO (by Tihomir Preradović), Dus Production (by Zvonimir Dusper), Andy Wright Studio, Morris Studio, Smokva Studio, Hit Records Studio and NLO Studio.

D’Knock Production Studio fully renovated
Acoustics: Sonitus
Hardware supplier: ADM Računala
Studio equipment: Audio Pro
IT support: Domagoj Stirinić & Robert Acinger
Light: Turbo X
Studio consulting: Studio Apollo (Tihomir Preradović)
Studio design: D’Knock, T. Preradović, JMJ Factory
Studio construction: Mijo Juranović, D’Knock & Davorin Ilić

05 Red short Panorama

Partners: Urbani Zvuk, Apollo Music,  Dus Production, Andy Wright Studio, Morris Studio, Smokva Studio, Hit Records Studio, NLO Studio, Unex Group

Credits:  “The queen of house music” Barbara Tucker, UK Grammy Award-winning music producer Andy Wright, legendary British bands Simply Red and Simple Minds, Mick Hucknall (Simply Red), DJ Spen (Quantize Recordings), Stamen, Eddie Amador, Dany Cohiba, Peter Grant, Amrick Channa, Barb&Q Project,  Kaliopi, Toše Proeski, Croatian top music artists such as: Nina Badrić, Tony Cetinski, Dino Dvornik, Ilan Kabiljo, Divas, Cubismo, Bolesna Braća etc.

Studio D’Knock Production & Studio Apollo have also cooperated on various projects with the renowned marketing agency Unex Group, and even coined a wide range of jingles for well-known Croatian and international brands, such as: Coca-Cola, Hugo Boss, Motorola, Ledo, Jamnica, Jana, Vegeta, Pliva, Ledo, Juicy, Diners, Franck, Chernigivske etc.