Today is one of those wonderful days. The crossroad that comes at the right moment of self-development and maturity. It has been one year since I have been building a relationship with Jürgen Höller Academy, a company that does the biggest educational seminars in Europe and which has been announced as one of the fastest growing on the continent by Financial Times, Focus and Statista. In the presence of Jürgen Höller (Owner and CEO), Andreas Bäuerlein (Head of Marketing) and Boris Halapir (Event Manager), I have officially signed and became the Chief Brand Officer (CBO) and Producer for Jürgen Höller Academy (JHA).

This role encompasses the entire audio and video production, digital marketing, some segments of merchandising etc. I have formed a great team that will only grow bigger with time. It is an absolute pleasure to work with all of these people and without them, my job would not be so enjoyable (my wife Jelena Juranovic - JMJ Factory, Petar Barcot - AdWisal, Samir Hamzic - Triangle, Danijel Kovacevic - Studio 25, Johnny I.)

The headquarters of JHA is located in Schweinfurt, Germany and the company specializes in highly professional seminars for marketing, rhetoric, self-consciousness, education, money management as well as other highly relevant seminars for small to medium-sized businesses. JHA’s most famous seminars are called “Power Days“ and they frequently fill up sports arenas all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Guests include famous people from the world of show business, politics, sport etc. For example, the last guest for the Power Days event in the Olympiahalle in Munich was Arnold Schwarzenegger. For this event, we did the entire video and audio production, aftermovie, trailer and this was the decisive moment which led to the current deal.

This year’s Power Days Unlimited Tour has already begun, and tickets for some events have already been sold out. It will feature guests that will
definitely capture the attention of some of Europe’s largest media houses.

Jürgen Höller is one of the world’s leading motivational speakers. He was the advisor for Germany’s leading entrepreneurs, helped companies rise up from near bankruptcy, worked with famous Olympian athletes, and his life story and biography are nothing short of impressive. He is a very active humanitarian, helping build a large number of schools in Nairobi, Kenya. He has been awarded by the President of Germany, Mr. Steinmayer, for his remarkable work.

None of this will impact my impact my music work, nor will it change the plans of the D’Knock Production label, PlayOne production team and the
D’Knock and Jay duo.

Anyways, this is a special day for me and I will gladly celebrate it with some champagne with the most important person in my life, my wife.