D'Knock Production record label The D’Knoch Production record label was founded in September 2017
by renowned Croatian music producer, Darko Juranovic D’Knock.
Following a long and successful career, D’Knock launched the label
aiming to open up opportunities for young and talented urban
performers to play their music in Croatia and the whole region.

The D'Knock Production label offers a complete audio and video production to the highest musical standards. It aims to create, market and promote quality R&B, hip hop, soul, funk, electronic, house, and pop sounds, that will find their place in radio and TV stations, always following the current music trends.

D'Knock Production has all capabilities for the complete project realization - IDM Music takes care of publishing and distribution, while the label has quality PR, marketing and concert support from a renowned record label Hit Records. The D'Knock Production label also collaborates with digital marketing professionals, who are now an indispensable part of promotion, as well as with experts in vocal training, stage performance and styling.

The label’s mission is to make a top quality product, with a professional approach to every segment of the production chain.

The label’s first projects were the D'Knock & Jay duo and hip hop artist Ludi, which had an excellent start and, with its results, opens the way and vision to the upcoming performers of the D'Knock Production label.

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