Darko Juranovic D’Knock and his fiancée Jelena Majic Jay presented their second single “Ljubav Najbolje Zna” (“Love Knows Best”) which has reached over one million and 222 thousand views on YouTube in a very short time.

The song “Ljubav Najbolje Zna” is a logical continuation of their first single “Jedan dan” (“One Day”) and this official version, which comes with a music video, also follows its style. It is a strong hip hop beat combined with live instruments, pop/R&B singing and D’Knock’s rap.

The music and lyrics are written by D’Knock & Jay, D’Knock is in charge of arranging and production, with guest musicians and collaborators including: Tihomir Preradović (acoustic and electric guitar), Ivica Premelč (saxophone) and Robert Vrbančić (bass guitar).

The music video includes attractive scenes from their journey and recording in the Skansi studio. Jelena Majic and D’Knock (JMJ Factory) were in charge of directing and video editing, while Igor Ivanovic was responsible for color correction.

In the meantime, D’Knock has launched his own production company and music label “D’Knock Production” which, apart from their D’Knock & Jay project, aims to create and release other pop, r’n’b, hip hop and soul projects at the level of world standards. On his social networks D’Knock said: “We need to invest in something new, change the horizons, have more courage and lucidity, and not turn full circle constantly.”