Release Date: 2014

Composed by: D'Knock, DJ Fresh Jay, Barbara Tucker, Jelena Majic

Lyrics by: Barbara Tucker, D'Knock, Jelena Majic, DJ Fresh Jay, Quinta Young

Produced, arranged & mixed by: DJ Fresh Jay & D`Knock for Liveinthemix music

Co-arranged by: Kosta Radman Liveinthemix music & Bstar Music Group

After starting the year with a great success, participating in the global humanitarian project for the homeless "We Can Heal" with their remix of the titled song included in the first release by the Bstar Music Group and Quantize Recordings, together with the remixes by Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper, Dj Spen & Gary Hudgins and Rhemi, the production duo PlayOne (Darko Juranovic "D'Knock" & DJ Fresh Jay) continues on the same path. Since their longtime collaborator, house diva Barbara Tucker, stands behind the mentioned project and introduced them to the cream of the New York house music scene, PlayOne continues the successful cooperation. This time the creative team was joined by Barbara's collaborator DJ Q and they all finalized a new single - PlayOne & Barb & Q present "We Are Not Alone".

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