Watch the official trailer in which D’Knock Production, together with its partners, announces a new chapter. After a few years of full commitment to working as a Chief Brand Officer (CBO) for foreign companies and having successful collaborations in the business and music world, I decided to dedicate myself more to music production and my company. It now offers more services, and thus, as a production company, represents a brand that is much more than a music label.

We have gathered an excellent team of collaborators and are all working on producing top music and managing business projects, not only in the region, but globally. We cover several segments (audio, video, digital marketing, branding, promotional and event management), and we have the support of some of the biggest names in the world of music production, as well as business & event management. We already have several music and business projects and international clients for whom we carry out the complete branding.

We are going bravely and strongly, and we are opening the door to anyone who wants to push the limits. WELCOME to our business family!