Their promotional target is the USA, or to be more specific, the cities of Las Vegas and New York – hometown of Barbara and Quinta Young. Moreover, besides Zagreb, some of the footage for the video was shot in NYC.

“We Can Take This Party” video hosts the fantastic dance group “Atomic Dance Factory” reviving the indigenous image of the House sound combined with elements of Hip Hop and Funk, thanks to their virtuous choreographies and break battles.

The ultimate goal of the comprehensive project are several releases that PlayOne, Barbara and Quinta are planning to record, along the performance shows featuring Barbara’s friends, the world-renowned artists such as Jocelyn Brown, Crystal Waters and the legendary Robin S. (“Show Me Love”). As the icing on the cake PlayOne will be playing at the Miami Winter Conference at Barbara Tucker’s special event night, where the biggest Divas of Soul and House Music will perform some of their greatest hits.