This project is significant in the fact that in mid 2008, Dino and his wife Danijela Dvornik expressed their desire that PlayOne remixes then still unpublished Dino’s single “Hypnotized”, with which Dino planned to announce his album ‘Pandora’s box’. During that period PlayOne was just finishing the first joint single with “Queen of House Music” Barbara Tucker, therefore they were planning to make a remix of the song “Hypnotized” in the fall that year. Unfortunately, as Dino has passed away unexpectedly, PlayOne decided to wait with the implementation of this project.

Today, seven years later, the remix is finally out. PlayOne emphasized that it was especially emotional to mix Dino’s vocals in the new arrangement, to listen to its original channels that they got from the author of the song “Hypnotized” Srdjan Sekulović Skansi and so they re-experienced the Dino’s musical quality and creation, which has influenced many musicians.

PlayOne and Dus agreed and coordinated the entire project with Daniela Dvornik, the author of the song Skansi and publisher of the original version, Dancing Bear.