Two years ago, PlayOne (Darko Juranovic D’Knock, DJ Fresh Jay and Zvonimir Dusper Dus) announced a collaboration with the legendary band Simple Minds, achieved through mediation of Andy Wright, a famous, Grammy-award winning music producer. In that period, PlayOne made 12 “extended” and “radio” versions of the re-arranged hits of Simple Minds, as well as several club remixes.

Because of the world tour and plans of the group Simple Minds, it is almost impossible to determine when these tracks will be released, but these days their management finally gave the permission to PlayOne team for the first release, and its promotion starts in Croatia and the region.

It is a new version of the song “Waterfront”, which has a special meaning for Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill and is one of their favorite songs. To give the song a new, modern sound, Andy Wright included vocalist Sarah Brown, so they created a completely new version of the song “Waterfront” – PlayOne feat. Simple Minds & Sarah Brown, as a new single.

You may not know Sarah Brown’s name, but you’ll most definitely have heard her voice. From her appearances on records with the likes of Pink Floyd, George Michael, Stevie Wonder and Simply Red, plus tours with Roxy Music, Simple Minds and Duran Duran, the English-born singer is one of the most prolific and in-demand vocalists in the world. Sarah Brown has now been a member of Simple Minds for close to 10 years, recording and travelling the world with the group.

PlayOne’s version of the song “Waterfront” in Croatia was released under the label D’Knock Production, while IDM Music is in charge of distribution and publishing. The executive producer of this, as well as all previous projects where PlayOne has collaborated with Andy Wright, is Petra Crnetić, as an agent for the Southeastern Europe. An important part of PlayOne’s management is the production company “Svijet produkcije”.

Darko Juranovic D’Knock has recently said on his social networks: “Working with such a legendary band is a great honor and huge experience for us. Although we were waiting for some time, we finally got the approval for our first release. Even more, we were given the opportunity to release the song under our label, and hopefully for a worldwide distribution. We’ve put much effort in the whole project and I’m glad to see the first results. Worth the wait, because there is always the right moment for the right things.”

Listen to the new version of “Waterfront” – PlayOne feat. Simple Minds & Sarah Brown.