With the last show in the club “Day & Night Chameleon” they sealed their great “Tour 2014”, which was marked by superb performances of the world top quality in more than 20 best Croatian clubs. Their spectacular concerts were attended by more than 40,000 people all around the Croatia.

D’Knock and DJ Fresh Jay have a longstanding production experience and have previously worked with numerous Croatian and international musicians. They gathered the whole team of professionals on their tour, who spiced up the whole story (exclusive dancers from the group First Entertainment, percussionist Mr. Iggs, fire show performer Ante Zigo, el. drummer & showman Mr. Hollywood, saxophonist Jaksa Jordes, various music guests, attractive hostesses and many others. Photographer Marko Pavlic (Digital pixel) joined them on the most of the events, Danijel Kovacevic (Studio 25) and Jelena Majic (JM Production) together with several associates were responsible for a video production of their shows.

After they finished the year successfully, PlayOne will start 2015 with the new single and video clip, and after a short break, they are planning to continue the tour outside the Croatia as well.

Check out the exclusive video presenting a brief summary of their fantastic tour! Rave On!