The full production is signed by “Ultrastar Video“, directed by Fresh Jay, and co-produced by “Group 5” company. In the video appears a famous Croatian models Josipa Janković and Ester Berišić that showed excellent acting skills. Make-up and styling signed by Nicole Massan, and hairstyling by Lana Škurić – beauty center Betty Boop. The single and a video for the “Let It Shine” is announcing the Green Gold Music compilation under the labels Liveinthemix Music and Hit Records, and present the Croatia’s clubbing production in all its glory, and Barbara Tucker as a global diva with her guest lecture gives weight necessary for international success. Scene’s of PlayOne’s performance in Green Gold Club, attractive models, Barbara and the entire visual identity of the video, vividly illustrate the single “Let It Shine”, which will be also promoted internationally under the one of the world’s leading house labels.