Directly from our “video kitchen” came the aftermovie of Jürgen Höller’s huge online event “BREAK YOUR LIMITS” – virtual 360 °, which was one of the biggest and most spectacular events of last year… a year that stopped the world in many segments.

The vision and courage of Jürgen Höller, together with all those who are part of the Jürgen Höller Academy, are responsible for this spectacle. Top people and collaborators! I am proud that, together with my team, I am in charge of the branding and that we are part of such a well-coordinated machine.

Check out the aftermovie and a piece of the atmosphere of the event that was watched online by over 10,000 people, with whom Jürgen Höller and Mike Dierssen were connected live and had a spectacular interaction. It all took place in a large film studio with a 6 meter high screen, which surrounded Jürgen and Mike by 360°.

As I have said many times, without risk and effort, there is no progress, let alone success. ✊💯

The new “BREAK YOUR LIMITS” – virtual 360 °, is booked for May 8th and 9th, 2021. Stay Tuned!